Welcome to Oregon Native Drilling. We hope you find our News directional.

We Drill It every day at Oregon Native Drilling with horizontal directional drilling services. At our core we love this area, the people and most of all, we love the green. Today we launch our first ever campaign aimed to give back to the green landscape we all enjoy.

At Oregon Native we are longtime residents of what locals call “Dunberg,” better known as the area between Newberg and Dundee Oregon. Proudly, the Willamette Valley has always been our home. It gives us great joy to announce that we will be planting a tree for every Newberg, Dundee or Sherwood area directional drilling job we complete in 2017.

Our region is under tremendous pressure as we continue to grow in popularity. Oregon Native Drilling love’s the idea of giving this landscape that we are so lucky to call home, a little bit of our attention. We have decided to do something to help Keep it Green. So please mark this as our first annual, Keep It Green in the W.V. event.  We want to impact our region positively by taking action to preserve our dense landscape of green. And yes, as part of that we will plant trees. You are invited to join the discussion on where and what to plant by emailing us keepitgreen@wedrillit.com. We look forward to working with fellow community members to support this great cause.

Let us tell you a little bit about the directional drilling services we offer.

Oregon Native Drilling is a young company set to build on the 20+ years of experience we have in the field of underground utility construction. With an emphasis on horizontal directional drilling and vacuum pot holing services we aim to assist you with the installation of underground conduit or pipe systems. Our primary services include the installation of water, power, communications and on grade sewer drain piping. We also set small vaults, tie-into junction boxes at or near bore pits and provide certified power line conduit installations at meter, pedestal and vault locations.

Trenchless conduit installation processes have a low environmental impact and can help to save money as well as our land from being torn into with traditional trenching methods.  Directional drilling has become the primary method for replacing broken residential water line and sewer line pipes throughout Oregon. It also serves as a viable alternative to open trenching anytime underground utility work is needed . If you need to replace a pipe or want a new pipe installed and trenching sounds damaging to both the ground and your bank account it might be time to contact us.

Our customers range from home and property owners, to plumbers, electricians, landscapers, builders and excavators. We service the greater Portland Oregon metro area and the Willamette Valley with directional drilling and related services.

We look forward to serving and preserving this great valley as we grow with our region. Keep an eye on those trees.

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